Don’t go f**king up my album cover. We couldn’t if we tried

When we told our friends we were shooting an album cover for Kiki Dee and Carmelo Luggeri, they stared at us blankly.

So we showed them this video

Once they’d clocked the chap with the hat playing the piano, we told them about Carmelo’s work as a guitarist and writer for Bill Wyman (some dude from the Rolling Stones) and how he co-wrote songs for Julian Lennon’s platinum selling album ‘Valotte’.

Musical credibility established, we picked up a camera, hailed a cab to the countryside and started work on the album shoot.

We spent some time going through the album.  The lyrical themes were about moving forwards and going to a better place.  One of the stand out tracks was a place where i can go, so we decided on that for the name of the album.