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    Brand activation, Social media

Street walk to digital catwalk

Malone Souliers, a premium luxury shoe brand came to us and asked for a big idea. We knew that they didn't use the normal advertising channels, so we knew it would have to be something spectacular. We needed to create something that was accessible yet stylish and innovative enough to support and build on the brand's credentials.

We needed to create lots of buzz with journalists and celebrities in a way that underpinned the brand’s premium and luxury credentials but, at the same time, in a way that made it attainable and aspirational for members of the public. And, of course, we had to showcase the shoes in the most spectacular fashion allowing the public to experience their beauty fully.

We were able to drop each person digitally into what appears to be their own live London fashion show catwalk projected onto giant video screens.

Then everyone was able have their 15 second of fame in a short film, which was immediately uploaded to Instagram. Our 80 films generated over 2,000,000 impressions on social media and over 10,000 plays on instagram.

How we did it

We setup, built and filmed our own studio version of a runway show with the founders of Malone Souliers in the audience, including all of the 2017 shoe collection with the help of 30 Malone Souliers models. We filmed this show from various angles, to use later.

On the day

We took over the whole of Soho Square and built a catwalk for members of the public to strut their stuff while wearing this year’s Malone Souliers shoe collection.

This is where the magic then happened. Using a live mixing technique accompanied by the magic of a forty foot green screen, we were able to literally, as if by magic, drop in each person who walked the live catwalk into what appears to all intents and purposes to be a live London fashion show catwalk experience for members of the public. And to make for a richer experience, everyone was able have their 15 seconds of fame in a short film which was immediately uploaded to Instagram.

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