• Client

    Sports Trading Network

  • Industry

    Recruitment & Staffing

  • What we did

    Brand Identity, Illustration, Website Design & Development

Building a global reputation for finding hard-to-find talent.

Sports Traders are by nature a disparate bunch, who work alone or in tight-knit groups across different continents. Finding the most talented is a real challenge, our client asked us if we could help.

Within 3 months we achieved and maintained top 3 Google rankings for over 50 terms such as Sports Trading Jobs, and Sports trading, giving our client access to the best global sports trading talent.

We took the market apart, looking for something we could use for a position.

Our research drew a blank, showing a clear lack of organisations, websites, publications or groups, which we found unusual in today’s information rich world.

We saw this as an opportunity to become an early adopter, and take a share of an under-developed market.

We created on online publication and published expert & academic level content to professionalise the global network of sports traders.

The content was generated by the industry, giving talented traders a platform to showcase their knowledge.

Due to its overwhelming success in China the entire site was replicated in Mandarin.

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