• Client

  • Industry

    Innovation Consultancy
  • What we did

    Brand strategy, Brand identity, Responsive web design, Creative design, Email marketing, Social media

How do you come up with an innovation for an innovation company?

Inzenka is a successful company with a fairly well-defined identity, but, due to the complicated nature, breadth and diversity of their projects, it was difficult for them to communicate the simple strength of their approach in a clear and concise way.

  • The logic

    We needed to find a way to crystalise Inzenka’s business strategy and give them a brand leader stance in the market.


    By synthesizing their case histories into engaging bite sized chunks, we were able to show how the case studies exemplified four core themes of Inzenka’s business: business prototyping, route to scale, ecosystems and business model facets, which in turn allowed us to crystalize Inzenka’s business philosophy into a brand film and then refine it still further right down into three words…

  • The magic

    Inzenka “Make it happen.”

    The three words “make it happen” not only demonstrate in the simplest way what Inzenka does and can do for your business, they also sum up the company’s philosophy for now and into the future.