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  • Industry

    Software Development
  • What we did

    Brand strategy, Brand identity, Responsive web design, Creative design

How we got non-tech decision makers and software engineers talking the same language

Softwire wanted to get to the next stage of growth (as well as to continue to hire the very best college graduates in the sector). They wanted to move upstream into more of a consultancy role, being brought in at much earlier stages in a project.

To do this, they needed to be able to communicate their overall offering to non-technical decision makers.

  • The logic

    Through discussion groups, we tested six ways to think about how Softwire might position themselves from where they are to where they want to be. These were refined and crafted, and on the basis of the results, we were able to write a Manifesto explaining technical side of their work as well as to clearly bring out their results and the value they brought to clients.

  • The magic

    We helped them communicate this by breaking up many of their communications, case studies, manifesto into three simple aspects.

    1. Technical ability
    2. Crystalized idea
    3. Real benefits

    We were able to communicate this simple tripartite structure throughout all of their communications, not only in terms of copy, but also in terms of the look and feel of their communications, especially on the website, and even incorporate the forward movement of this structure in their logo itself. In short, every aspect of their identity works together to help capture and communicate their essence and ambition.

Malone Souliers Video
  • Visual Evolution

    As well as updating their communications, we completely overhauled their entire visual identity from the logo and colours through to printed stationery.

Malone Souliers Video
Malone Souliers Video